People | Passion | Planet | Profit At Solnovation Energy Sdn. Bhd., our passion for green technology innovation is highly contagious; we provide scientific research and development as well as a dedicated incubation platform for technologies in the renewable energies sector.

Utilizing and executed self-funded and sustainable business model, Solnovation allocates a % of all project dealings to and all profits are reinvested within our portfolio of technologies to ensure financial preparedness for whatever the future of Green Technology holds. Experienced | Innovative | Dedicated
Jamie Robinson | Co-Founder / CTE

An inventor, innovator and passionate climate change advocate. Mr. Robinson’s approach of ‘‘Ecopreneurship’’ & ‘Sustainopreneurship’ (‘businesses with a cause’) practices, has defined his career as a Solar Farmer and has contributed to personally installing over 2 megawatts (approximately 8,000 panels) throughout Australia, South East Asia & the USA. His innovative Solar Farming partnership program has enabled him to work effectively with rural farmers in remote villages to harness and maximize the sun’s intense energy. Mr. Robinson's academic qualifications include dual degrees in International Finance and International Relations in the USA and Australia. Mr. Robinson has successfully launched four global startups within 3 countries. He brings a wealth of passion, experience and charisma when dealing within cultures within the Sustainable/Renewable Energy Solutions sector. He brings a vast range of rare insights, experience and expertise from SonRays: Solar Cell Efficiency Technology, HRC – Hyper/Rapid Battery Charging Technology, EAT - Enhanced Agriculture Technology, Micro Wind Technology Solutions and ‘Suntoucher’, an innovative, Heliotrope Dual Axis Solar Tracking Technology Solution.

“The continuing collaboration of mentors, scientists, investors and governments will ensure a successful global commercialization of our ‘Game Changing’ state of the art green technologies. In point, this will allow us to get our technologies into the hands of the deserving people of the world, by the quickest means available with least resistance.” 

Sophia Konstantyniuk | CFO  
Sophia has over 20 years’ experience in leading strategic transformational change for international corporates/ financial institutes in the specialised field of Treasury. Experience across various industry segments from manufacturing, agriculture, engineering services, international development, funds management, retail and banking. Sophia is qualified in Prince2 project management. A true strategist at heart, Sophia’s passion is to transform concepts/ideas into commercially viable outcomes. An original thinker who collaborates to executes strategy to reality.
Cyril Mathias | Co-Founder / Director  
An entrepreneur in the space of energy efficiency management and focused on technologies in the renewable energy domain with over 15 years experience in multinational companies and 4 years in renewable energy and green technologies.

Cyril has professional experience across multiple countries - India, Oman, Philippines , Vietnam, Malaysia Cyril holds a masters degree in Business Management from Australia and degree in Law from India.
Thomas Ong | Director, Research
Thomas graduated with a Bachelor of International Affairs Management and 10 years of experience in the Corporate, NGO and Start-up involvement in the areas of Renewable Energy, Waste to Energy (W2E) and IT.
His focus are on three specific areas of research:

Advanced & Innovative Technology tie ups - Global Business Collaborations - Global Market Research

Through pure passion and knowledge sharing, his appetite for innovation in the Renewable Energy sector grew. Thomas started out by spending two years with Global Editors in Sustainability for a Global NGO. Thomas then spent another year throughout various plantations to focus on Waste to Energy trade and operation. From the inception of Solnovation he has built and pioneered frontiers for two Global Technology Initiatives in Malaysia; HRC-Rapid Battery Charging Technology and EAT - Enhanced Agriculture Technology.

As the head of Research, Thomas and his team are navigating the global roll-out plan to the market with the sole aim to bring these technologies to the masses. His passion lies with the scientific discovery and technology innovation and how we apply it for the most significant achievements. He is personally creating a sustainable future with positive impacts thru Solnovations' Innovative Global Technology Initiatives and 'go to market' strategy.'
Arun Augustine | SVP International Operations
As Sr. Vice President of Emerio, Arun heads Outsourcing Operations and has been responsible for Emerio's Global Managed Services delivery. With over seventeen years of international experience in the IT industry in Singapore, Malaysia, the Middle East, USA and India. Arun is a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Sciences from Trinity College, USA. Currently Emerio has 1500+ employees across 11 countries with delivery centres in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Philippines and Thailand.

Emerio became a part of the NTT Group (ranked 29 on the Fortune Global 500 list with consolidated operating revenue of 106 Billion USD) in June 2012. The combination of NTT Com's world-class capabilities in fields such as networks and data centre services along with Emerio's industry knowledge, process expertise and skilled resources makes it a compelling option for organizations looking towards reliability, cost effectiveness and a REAL IT partnership.

Senior Vice President – Emerio (A subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.) Managing Director – Emerio (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Senior Vice President of Emerio

  • Senior Advisor & General counsel to the CEO.
  • Head - Outsourcing Services
  • Managing Director for Emerio Malaysia – a 625 person IT Services (MSC Status) company
  • Strategic leadership role in off-shoring ICT/BPO work from NTT Group companies globally.
  • Global Account Manager for key Emerio accounts (Top 10 customers; 80% of Emerio revenue)
  • Key member of the Emerio/NTT Global Executive Leadership team.
  • Key member of Technology Strategy team for Emerio/NTT.
  • Key member of M&A Strategy team for Emerio/NTT.
Devan Rajam | Director, Marketing / Communications
Chartered Mechanical Engineer with three decades of professional working experience, covering the electronics, automotive, civil engineering, software, management consulting and electrochemistry industries all in Senior Management positions. Mr. Rajam was Director of Operations and Board Member of Thermo Fisher Scientific a US Multinational Water Analysis Division for 10years in Malaysia.

Devan has worked for American, Dutch, Australian and Malaysian MNC's in Australia and Malaysia. His passion for Green Constructions, Products and Renewable Energy radiate through his persona. Mr. Rajam is an influential advocate of Renewable Energy Solutions; he is very passionate to leave this planet better than we have kept it, for our younger generations to enjoy.
Murlidhar Menon | Director, Business Development  
Mr. Menon is well-known among Industry partners and friends for his years of Marketing experience and creative energy. A graduate in BTech. (Electrical Engineering) from India’s top prestigious IIT-KGP, (India Institute of Technology) topped by MBA (Marketing) from the most premier Management Institute of India, namely, IIM- Joka, Murli started his career with the Tea Industry as Product Development Manager (the widely popular Duncan group) where he had his first tryst with the Green ecology, persuading target audience Nationwide, to treat environmental damages with a soothing daily cup of black Tea.

Later on, he gained several senior roles in the Retail Industry distributorship of wrist-watches and optical products /accessories, launching several brands all over Asia, to persuade the market into precision time-keeping and glamorous prescription eye-wear. Under his expert Channel/Market management, he was able to relate to the needs of the customers while simultaneously practicing cost effective distribution/operation at its best.

He is now venturing to impress the minds of millions of consumers towards the green revolution by bringing in awareness and consciousness towards energy efficiency and energy management, using advance INTELLIIsense monitoring systems. Along the way, he is also aiming to offer innovative and alternate sources of energy which are more cost effective and yield renewable environmental friendly solutions.
Mr. Linga Nathan  

Chartered Electrical and Electronics Engineer - over 33 years of experience in Strategic/Tactical/Operational Management, Project Management, Buss. Develop., Company Start-up, Training/People Development, System Engineering, Integrated ICT, SCADA, Automation, Instrumentation, Control Systems, Maintenance Management, Product/Equipment/System Design/Development and commercialization. Played various leadership roles. Hands-on approach - passion in developing, deploying/sustaining local indigenous capability. Leading by example - leader needs to be a role model and set the pace and example for the organization people to follow. Get involved in every facet of an organization which allows me to work with staff at all levels - helps motivate and create an organization that has many leaders that can think and work independently.

Undertaking Masters in Information Technology at Open University Malaysia - 12/13 modules completed. Project paper in progress. Expected completion in May 2015. CGPA to-date 3.67.

Specialties: Systems Engineering/Design - Software, Hardware, ICT, Project Management, General Management, Deployed many Integrated Engineering and Information Technology Solutions, Integrated Management Systems, SCADA, Automation & Control Systems, Building Management Solutions, Circuit Design, PCB design, Prototyping, Software Development, Digital Signal Processing Solutions.

Projects In Hand

  • Project Management/Consultancy Services to Prime Contractor for Advanced Metering Infrastructure demonstration project.
  • Web-based vehicle counter/ classification/data-logging system
  • Integrated information display system for a transport application
  • Developing end-to-end cyber-security services in industrial automation/SCADA
  • Mobile Application - user interface for the BMSaaS being developed.
  • Building Management System as a Service (BMSaaS) - energy management services on a profit sharing basis encompassing Building Automation, SCADA and Automation applications.​