The mini-ORIET-module – A technology in raising the paramagnetics of the soil to improve moisture holding capacity of soil for agriculture purposes.

Using this technology we achieve enhanced plant growth in a natural green way without the use of fertilizers. All good agricultural soils have to work like a battery with small areas becoming little individual battery cells assisted by compost which acts as a dielectric between the cells. We can also determine the ratio of compost per cubic metre of soil for maximum electrical activity and it’s between 7 and 9 percent by volume.

Through our scientific Development of sustainable agriculture, we are using the scientific application of old and new technologies that increase the paramagnetics and the fertility of the soil.

Paramagnetism is a form of magnetism whereby certain materials are attracted by an externally applied magnetic field. The application of the scalar technology has been proven to restore micro-organisms thus creating a return of the earthworms.

IMAGE TAKEN May 7th, 2007

IMAGE TAKEN March 19th, 2007

The differences are relative to the different types of soil and the type of compost material used and the reason why it achieves an increase in electrical activity is by creating more electrical cells within the soil. Consequently the greater the electrical activity within the soil the greater the paramagnetics becomes in the soil and a much greater capability that the soil has for retaining moisture To understand this more fully the knowledge of the atoms making up a water molecule is necessary because we have a situation where the two hydrogen atoms are combined with an oxygen atom to form water or scientifically hydrogen oxide. The oxygen atom is the highest paramagnetic atom there is and the two hydrogen atoms have just got the edge over the oxygen atom because the pair are slightly more diamagnetic than the single oxygen atom is paramagnetic. Therefore water when it rains is diamagnetic but if your agricultural soil is low in paramagnetics then it is not fertile enough to properly sustain plant life. The rain therefore will not switch to a paramagnetic state when it enters the soil and will go straight down through the soil into the subterranean water reservoir.

If your agricultural soil is high in paramagnetics then it gives the oxygen atom in the water molecule that little bit more magnetics to override the two hydrogen atoms therefore the water then becomes paramagnetic. Now the topsoil will retain its moisture for long periods therefore sustaining long term agricultural crops and I have marveled at the fact that this program cannot be a random occurrence that there has to be a programmer who designed this program as part of creation.

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