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Our Energy Management System EMS2-for small, medium and large enterprises uses advanced wireless tracking systems and internet cloud hosting to track and control any energy consuming point in a small to large factory or commercial establishment.

For energy tracking purpose, some of the key features/advantages are as below:
  • Completely wireless installation using advanced, low cost, and reliable wireless communication technologies (Zigbee, and GPRS). No rewiring costs, and easy to install with minimal time for commissioning.
  • Cloud hosted infrastructure : No need to host data servers, power consumption tracked from any Internet enabled device including cell phones and tablets.
  • Minute to minute tracking of power consumption and costs involved (as per Electricity board tariff)
  • SMS or Email alerts on critical situations – sudden peaks, drop in PF, motor loading/under-loading etc.
  • Track detailed power parameters, including but not limited to phase wise Voltage, Current, Power factor, kVA, kWh, Harmonics, etc.
  • Tracking consumption pattern during Peak hours, off-peak hours and night hours, penalties as per electricity board guidelines

We not only provide access to crucial data (through our infrastructure), but also bring significant energy savings for clients by action-oriented recommendations through a dedicated analyst team (Certified Energy Auditors).

How will the data from meter be transmitted to the server?

Data from device to Server will be transmitted using GPRS (General Radio Packet Service) wirelessly. It will have a SIM card in the IEMU. It is a plug and play installation. Thorough diagram is given below.

If you feel you or your organisation would be more informed on energy consumption through wireless analytics then you may be eligible for a 2 week trial period. Please fill out the feedback form below.

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